Dot Hill Assigned Patent for Ultra48 AssuredSAN

Dot Hill Assigned Patent for Ultra48 AssuredSAN

Ensures safety and eases service in rackmount enclosures

  • Published Date:
    August 12, 2015
  • Author:
    Darryl Riddlespurger
  • Category:
    Dot Hill

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This innovation demonstrates company's commitment to providing highly differentiated products for the company's OEM partners and their customers in key vertical markets such as big data analytics and media and entertainment, as well as data center environments where high density and high performance are required.

The Ultra48 AssuredSAN ultra-density solution delivers twice the performance and twice the capacity per rack unit compared to traditional arrays. The ultra-density chassis houses nearly 58TB of data on small form factor 2.5-inch HDDs in an efficient 2U footprint. For high performance transaction workloads, the array can support any combination of SSDs and HDDs in the same enclosure. This footprint also reduces weight by 25%, which is critical in crowded data center environments.

The company's 104th US patent number 9,001,514, is the first patent awarded of six applications that have been filed related to the Ultra48 chassis. It allows the Ultra48 AssuredSAN system to be used safely in a datacenter and eliminates the possibility of a 19-inch rack being tipped over, even when all three fully populated Ultra48 drive drawers are open simultaneously. This eliminates risk of injury and ensures uninterrupted access to all HDD devices (HDDs) and solid-state devices (SSDs) in the Ultra48 AssuredSAN.

"Dot Hill designs highly reliable storage solutions with practical innovations that arm our OEM customers with a competitive edge in the marketplace," said Ken Day, CTO, Dot Hill. "The Ultra48 AssuredSAN offers unmatched density, making it a highly compelling hybrid storage solution for customers such as big data analytics leader Teradata and Autodesk, a major force in the M&E space. This patented innovation ensures easy drive accessibility and maintenance as well as the safety of the storage administrator."

The design of the Ultra48 makes it more customer serviceable than competitive top-mounted designs. While some competitive products require customers to remove the entire enclosure from the rack and then remove the top of the enclosure to replace drives, the Ultra48 AssuredSAN is equipped with easily extended drawers that provide side access to all drives from the center of the enclosure.

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