Dot Hill Assigned Patented

Dot Hill Assigned Patent

Efficient metadata protection system for data storage

  • Published Date:
    August 8, 2015
  • Author:
    Darryl Riddlespurger
  • Category:
    Dot Hill

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Available in AssuredSAN hybrid arrays with the RealStor storage OS, was developed to track virtualized data placement on every tier, ensuring the level of reliability and data integrity even beyond today's 99.999% availability.

Company's innovation, described in US patent number 8,990,542 (title: Efficient metadata protection system for data storage), provides three levels of protection for vital system metadata. Metadata contains location information for a storage system similar to a card catalog in a library. The innovation protects metadata by tracking serial numbers, cyclic redundancy checks (CRCs) and index numbers, which are embedded and distributed within the metadata record. The use of a space-efficient metastorage area is superior to other schemes, which simply append metadata tracking information onto the metastorage area.

"Building on our AssuredSAN product line's hallmark 99.999% data availability, Dot Hill continues to invent new ways to deliver superior data integrity that enhance our base software platform," said Ken Day, CTO, Dot Hill. "This latest addition to our 100-plus patent portfolio provides IT customers with triple-level data checking and verification to protect against data corruption and loss. Organizations can depend on Dot Hill's unique RealStor storage OS to safely deliver the data they need when they need it because real time matters."

Customers worldwide have implemented RealStor storage OS for simpler and storage management, flexibility, performance and data responsiveness. RealTier tiered storage software provides SSD and HDD tiering in real-time by autonomically measuring data usage, identifying 'hot' spots as they occur, and continuously moving data to the tier, even as that data changes minute by minute. AssuredSAN 4004 storage systems with RealStor utilize flash to achieve up to 120,000 I/Os per second (IO/s). In addition to RealTier, RealStor fuels a set of autonomic efficiencies including:

RealCache - SSD caching
RealThin - thin provisioning
RealSnap - zero-impact snapshots
RealQuick - rapid RAID rebuilds
RealPool - autonomic storage resource pooling

The company's 103rd US patent joins an extensive list of company's innovations associated with the company's suite of data management services. Company's patent portfolio builds on the intellectual property behind AssuredSAN solutions, which deliver solutions to customers and OEMs.

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