JetStor Storage System Powered by Raidix V4.4

JetStor Storage System Powered by Raidix V4.4

Scale-out NAS/shared storage solution adopted by AC&NC

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    August 25, 2016
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    Darryl Riddlespurger
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The solution further improves performance of standard corporate procedures, such as database access or transactional operations. Raidix is a performance storage technology that builds on patented erasure coding methods and innovations of the in-house research lab. The company commits to resilient storage with high throughput, performance and low latency. Firm-based solutions are employed in enterprise, media and entertainment, video surveillance, HPC and other data-rich industries.

What is new in version 4.4?

  • Random Access Optimization (RAO)
    RAO is a new feature that allows shiny performance gains and infrastructure savings for enterprise customers by using data deduplication. RAO may be applied to any particular volume. The functionality caters to random operations, such as database and transactional interactions. It enables fast resolution of business tasks and boosts data processing from enterprise applications (CRM, ERP, corporate email, etc.).
  • Technology builds on
    Data deduplication for space economy and easy virtualization; thin provisioning of system resources to extend logical disk capacity
  • Advanced redundancy
    Version 4.4 revamps multi-path input/output (MPIO) by adding support for the built-in Microsoft DSM (Device Specific Module) instead of previously used in-house DSM driver.

The company provides standalone storage appliances as well as scale-out NAS/shared storage solutions. The scale-out edition scales exponentially while maintaining a single namespace. The system supports heterogeneous client OS via SAN and shares the same data via NAS. It provides compatibility with third-party software and operates without a hitch on a multitude of hardware configurations.

AC&NC customer solution

Customer requirements:
Advanced Computer & Network Corporation (AC&NC) customer was looking for a storage solution which can sustain more than two drives failure and have minimal impact on the performance during drive rebuild.

Storage solution by AC&NC JetStor powered by Raidix: JetStor RDX16

  • All reliability and performance requirements are being met.
  • Configuration that survives three concurrent drive failures without data loss.The customer is using each JetStor RDX16 in a RAID 7.3.
  • Write performance: roughly 1.8GB/s (sustained) over two 10GbE iSCSI connections in a 16-disk 13+3 RAID 7.3 configuration using 6TB 7,200rpm disks and a single storage controller.
  • Performance degradation during rebuild is negligible
  • Qty 40 JetStor RDX16 units with capacity over 3PB

JetStor RDX16 powered by Raidix was chosen over other configurations because of:

  • API access to the storage system. Customer wrote custom JAVA application for monitoring of JetStor RDX16 Systems.
  • Bang for the buck
  • High sustainable performance

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