Nexenta SoftwareDefined Storage Underpins Cloud Infrastructure

Nexenta Software-Defined Storage Underpins Cloud Infrastructure

Nexenta Systems, Inc. has been chosen by the 30-year veteran of French CRM software development, Statigest SA, to support its entire IT infrastructure.

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    September 26, 2014
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    Darryl Riddlespurger
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Founded in 1977, Statigest provides CRM and related applications for sales forces across France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal. With more than 5,000 daily users, the IT infrastructure plays a mission critical role. The existing mixed environment of Unix and Windows was becoming difficult to manage, particularly because it was using a number of different file services (CIFS and NFS) protocols. Statigest needed a solution that was easier to manage, but that could increase capacity and deliver a performance boost for its users. After evaluating a number of systems, Statigest chose Nexenta's SDS solution NexentaStor because it supports many different protocols, including CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC and SATA. This flexibility made it possible to introduce hybrid storage pooling and improve the capabilities of the environment. Christophe Grun, infrastructure manager, Statigest, explained: "We evaluated the products of a number of suppliers but Nexenta was the best on performance and TCO. The clustering capability in NexentaStor was also a major benefit because it delivers enhanced stability with recovery from failover and it takes less than one minute." "By using NFS with NexentaStor, numerous database requests can now be launched simultaneously on the server. This has reduced production time by more than two hours and enables us to handle more customers at the same time. Production at Statigest splits storage between 80% write and 20% read. By using SSDs for ZIL and LOG cache, we have experienced a huge boost to NFS write which, in turn, has increased overall performance." Philippe Bruiant, regional sales manager, Nexenta said: "Nexenta's software-defined storage solutions help customers implement cost-effective, high-performance storage by taking advantage of features such as hybrid storage pooling, unlimited snapshots, massive scalability and HA. Our open source technology roots also mean that users like Statigest are not locked in to buying more expensive products from a particular vendor or paying unnecessary mark-ups for standard features." Case study

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