Promise Technology Enhances Hyperconverged Platform With VSkyStor and VskyBox

Promise Technology Enhances Hyperconverged Platform With VSkyStor and VskyBox

Adding EFSS, scale-out NAS storage applications

  • Published Date:
    August 22, 2016
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    Darryl Riddlespurger
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Designed to data center and IT operations for SMBs, firm's VSkyCube infrastructure solution now includes VSkyStor and VskyBox.

The concept of hyperconvergence - where compute, network and storage functions are natively converged - is being rapidly adopted by enterprises of all sizes. According to Forrester Research, 94% of businesses are interested in, planning for or already implementing hyperconvergence in their data centers - and it's easy to see why. In addition to enabling businesses to rapidly deploy IT workloads and scale IT infrastructures for growth, hyperconverged platforms also capitalize on the idea of a 'lean enterprise' - giving the ability to do more with less.

To that end, VSkyStor application is a cost-effective scale-out NAS storage solution, with both legacy file interface (via NFS/CIFS/FTP) and native file interface (via POSIX). VSkyStor provides file access to Unix and Linux filesystems via NFS and to Windows servers via CIFS. It can also manage multiple independent VSkyCube clusters.

The Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization (EFSS) VSkyBox application takes advantage of VSkyCube's platform. VSkyBox requires no separate storage tier and can scale to multi-petabytes and thousands of users. It offers enterprise-grade security and centralized management features such as remote wipe, two-step verification, remote backup and group management.

For businesses looking to increase scalability, agility and improve administration efficiency while managing costs, VSkyCube is designed with a scale-out approach and combines tightly-coupled, software-defined computing, storage, and networking in the form of hyperconverged nodes. Together with a centralized single pane of glass management system, VSkyView, these technologies deliver a pre-integrated and adaptable cluster with a unified pool of resources that can be rapidly deployed, adapted, scaled, and managed.

"VSkyCube's suite of application platforms minimizes costs and complexity, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to deploy their workloads immediately and scale their infrastructure to keep pace with business," noted Ken Dai, GM, cloud solutions business unit, Promise. "This scale-out approach presents an exceptional value by lowering overhead, and is ideal for IT departments that are minimal in size."

VSkyCube is available through the global network of company's value-added distributors and resellers. The platform is initially offered on a range of purpose-optimized x86 appliances, based on commodity hardware. This allows users to selectively scale for compute-intensive or storage-intensive resources, as well as mixed workloads.

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