Spectra Logic Adds Lustre Archive Campaign Storage Solution

Spectra Logic Adds Lustre Archive Campaign Storage Solution

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  • Published Date:
    November 28, 2016
  • Author:
    Darryl Riddlespurger
  • Category:
    Spectra Logic

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The solution, which includes embedded HSM software by Campaign Storage LLC, works with the Spectra Logic's BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway, Intel Corp.'s Lustre file system, and an standard policy manager. It offers Lustre Archive functionality with a performance archive search and HSM management tool allowing nearly unlimited scalability, performance, monitoring and flexibility.

Advantages of firm's Lustre Archive Campaign storage solution include:
Nearly unlimited capacity, scalability and parallel performance
Nearly instantaneous archive search and management
Advanced levels of monitoring, control, verification and protection
Flexibility across multiple sources, targets and file systems

"Spectra's Campaign storage solution integrates the best technologies in the industry to provide a seamless archive solution for large parallel file systems in the HPC community," said Matt Starr, CTO, Spectra Logic. "By solving the core performance issues present in current archive systems and adding control and monitoring for large parallel data moves, Spectra and its partners have created a revolutionary platform that will transform the entire storage architecture of HPC and big data solutions."

The company unveiled the Lustre integration at SC16, the International Conference for HPC, networking, storage and analysis. Peter Braam, CEO, Campaign Storage LLC, and creator of Lustre file system, said: "This is an important moment in the evolution of massively scalable storage systems. Multiple open source solutions such as Campaign Storage, ZFS, Lustre and Robinhood have matured and allow paradigm shifting solutions in data management environments, which were previously not possible."

Jacques Charles, department leader, CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), and creator of Robinhood policy engine, said: "Robinhood, the leading open source HSM Policy Manager for Lustre, is penetrating the large Lustre user community with adoption at major high-performance computing sites around the world. Spectra Logic’s new products in this area are a welcome addition for the Lustre HPC community."

Gary Grider, leader, HPC division, Los Alamos National Labs, said: "LANL's development of campaign storage has shown extreme scalability and we are actively pursuing its technical and workflow implementation for our world leading HPC efforts. We are happy to see the industry embrace this architecture and Spectra Logic's Lustre archival solution with MarFS and the Spectra BlackPearl object store is a logical next offering using Campaign Storage."

About Campaign Storage, LLC. It is a young storage software company based in Boulder, CO. Under experienced leadership, it is bringing campaign storage to market as a new paradigm for storage and management.

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