StorNext Pro Foundation: Workflow Storage for Smaller Workgroups

StorNext Pro Foundation: Workflow Storage for Smaller Workgroups

Built on StorNext 5 collaboration and workflow software

  • Published Date:
    November 20, 2014
  • Author:
    Darryl Riddlespurger
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Built on StorNext 5 collaboration and workflow software, it brings the capabilities of Pro Solutions to audience of media professionals in post and broadcast as well as those managing corporate and government video.

Dave Van Hoy, president, Advanced Systems Group, said: "StorNext Pro Foundation is a great solution for smaller workgroups. It delivers the power of Quantum's StorNext 5 software in a complete and Xsan-compatible system designed specifically for small workgroups, providing optimized performance, reliability and service."

Alex Grossman, VP, media and entertainment, Quantum, commented: "Like those in larger organizations, media professionals in smaller workgroups need a high-performance storage platform that enables them to create, share and fully leverage their content, but one that is tailored to them. That's why we developed StorNext Pro Foundation - these workgroups can now benefit from the same award-winning technology used by top media companies worldwide to meet their operational and business needs."

High-Performance Solution
Ready to deploy within new or existing networks, StorNext Pro Foundation gives smaller production workgroups a high-performance and attractively priced solution for managing content from ingest to delivery to archive.
The underlying StorNext 5 platform enables versatility to ensure that, as customers' workflows evolve, the solution will provide the power to meet their needs for content ingest from multiple sources, collaborative content creation, on-time delivery in any format and content preservation for future monetization.

Xsan Compatibility
StorNext Pro Foundation provides Xsan compatibility, enabling smaller workgroups - such as ad agencies, corporate video production departments and houses of worship that create amounts of video - to refresh or upgrade their Xsan storage environments.
Current StorNext users can also leverage StorNext Pro Foundation to add smaller workgroups for graphics, rendering and EFX.

Configurations and Support
StorNext Pro Foundation comes in either 48TB or 96TB configurations, which respectively support five and seven simultaneous Xsan/Windows/Linux SAN clients, including two Windows/Linux SAN clients as core system components.
Either configuration can support up to four file systems (volumes) comprising 100 million files.
The 48TB configuration is upgradable to 96TB.
Customers have the option of purchasing a StorNext AEL500 tape archive with either the 48TB or the 96TB configuration.
StorNext Pro Foundation includes one year of Quantum support with 30-minute phone response.

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