Tandberg RDX Integration With Overland SnapServer

Tandberg RDX Integration With Overland SnapServer

And de-dupe with AccuGuard Software

  • Published Date:
    July 15, 2015
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    Darryl Riddlespurger
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With over 2.2 million RDX media and over 650,000 RDX removable drives shippedworldwide, RDX is a backup and archiving solution for SMEs. RDX removable storage solutions deliver cost efficiency by combining the fast backup and restore of disk-to-disk backup, with the portability of a removable media archive system. It provides performance and fast access with capacities up to 2TB per cartridge, and in many environments is a reliable and practical alternative to cloud backup.

RDX removable disk storage now features AccuGuard Enterprise software with deduplication capability for storage-efficient, automated backup and recovery. The source-based data deduplication engine of AccuGuard Enterprise is designed to provide users with a 20x increase in storage efficiency, and frees up to 95% of critical network bandwidth compared to traditional backup methods.

The versatility of RDX is expanded with integration into Overland Storage SnapServer NAS, plus MAC media compatibility, Windows backup, and the RDX QuadPAK rack mount kit.

Additionally, enterprise customers who need compliance-related secured data retention can utilize WORM technology-enabled RDX media cartridges and rdxLOCK software available at no charge.

AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX
Tandberg Data AccuGuard Enterprise for RDX is a Windows-based backup and DR software that protects data on multiple local and remote servers and workstations. To fulfill compliance or backup and DR requirements, users can set data retention recovery points to free up valuable disk space on backup targets such as SnapServer NAS systems, or removable media including RDX QuikStor and iSCSI-attachable RDX QuikStation disk arrays.

"Overland Storage has wisely expanded the capability of their Tandberg Data AccuGuard single-server software to now include enterprise-wide data protection," said Randy Kerns, senior analyst, Evaluator Group. "RDX technology, combined with AccuGuard Enterprise software, is an affordable complement to a cloud backup strategy, allowing users to protect their servers and mobile workforce, and realize true bare metal recovery with a complete backup of all systems and application data."

RDX Integration with SnapServer
Overland provides SMB customers with an affordable integrated solution for backup and data exchange by integrating SnapServer NAS systems with RDX. By connecting RDX QuikStor to SnapServer via USB, the RDX disk-based removable storage system is automatically detected as a backup device. The combined solution allows administrators to selectively copy data from disk to RDX and store backup data offsite as part of their DR plans. Integrated in Overland's GuardianOS, administrators can format attached RDX media directly with XFS or NTFS options to optimize data for compatibility and file restores.

RDX for Mac Media Backup and Transport
Mac users can now utilize RDX disk-based removable storage as a reliable method for moving their data between locations. In the media and entertainment industry, large data files are frequently transported between locations for editing and adding special effects or sound. Overland Storage provides SSD-based RDX media for data transfer rates up to 250MB/s with USB 3.0 for storing one hour of HD-720p video in less than four minutes.

Windows Backup with RDX
Many computer users utilize the backup capabilities included in the Windows OS, but find that removable media such as external CDs, DVDs and tape are not supported. The RDX QuikStor removable disk technology helps Windows Backup users utilize removable storage devices for daily backup. By providing a fixed disk mode, RDX removable storage can be used with Windows Backup for native data protection operations including scheduled backup system protection or media rotation.

RDX QuadPAK Rack Mount Kit
As external RDX QuikStor drives are often attached to multiple servers in a rack, data center administrators need a simplified installation and media rotation solution. The new RDX QuadPAK rack mount kit offers a way to consolidate up to four external USB 3.0 RDX QuikStor drives in a 1U form factor, to coexist with other Overland products such as SnapServer NAS and NEO tape libraries in a data center server rack.

"We are very pleased to see rapid growth of RDX removable disk storage solutions fueled by its expanded use by SMBs and SMEs as a practical complement to existing backup and archiving solutions," said Nilesh Patel, VP of product management and product marketing, Overland. "With expanded capabilities for Windows and Mac environments, and integration with our award-winning enterprise storage portfolio, we see RDX to be a great choice as an extension to the enterprise-wide backup and retention solution for distributed enterprises.

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