Tegile: IntelliFlash HD Flash Platform With SanDisk InfiniFlash

Tegile: IntelliFlash HD Flash Platform With SanDisk InfiniFlash

10PB and up to 5 million IO/s, at under 50 cents per effective gigabyte

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    September 1, 2015
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    Darryl Riddlespurger
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IntelliFlash HD is an flash storage platform that brings hyperscale performance and economics to the enterprise data center. Targeted at Fortune 1000 enterprise customers that are pursuing aggressive consolidation of data centers, it is designed to deliver in a single flash platform, up to 5 million IO/s and 10PB of effective capacity in a single rack at under 50 cents per effective gigabyte. With IntelliFlash HD, enterprise customers can accelerate their business applications, eliminate storage silos, and achieve huge economic benefits of hyper-consolidation.

At the core of IntelliFlash HD is the IntelliFlash OS, the same OS that powers company's portfolio of all-flash and hybrid arrays. IntelliFlash OS brings together several architectural innovations in flash management, data persistence and data management to enable IntelliFlash HD to deliver unprecedented levels of consolidation, simplicity and economics.

Notable innovations include:
Scalable architecture: Multi-controller scale up and out for sustained low-latency and performance at high scale
High capacity density: 512TB in 3RU space with SanDisk Corporation's InfiniFlash dense flash enclosure, with max of 10PB effective capacity in a single 42U rack
Sustained performance: High throughput and sub-millisecond latency with a maximum of 5 million IO/s in a single rack
One flash platform: Supports high-performance flash, high-density flash, and hybrid-flash configurations in the same platform
Unified storage: Native block (FC, iSCSI) and file (NFS, CIFS/SMB3) access
Comprehensive data services: Snapshots, clones, thin provisioning, inline deduplication and compression
Affordable DR: Replicate between all-flash and hybrid configurations
Simplified management: Single UI management for all operations
VMware support: Integrations with VMware SRM, VAAI, VASA and Virtual Volumes

The only next-generation enterprise storage vendor to be recognized as a visionary in two of Gartner's Magic Quadrants - Solid-State Arrays and General Purpose Storage Arrays, the company offers a portfolio of intelligent flash arrays solutions that provide investment protection. Enterprise customers can choose from a range of hybrid-flash, all-flash and hyper-dense flash arrays to consolidate any and all application workloads in a single flash platform - starting at 10TB and scaling to 10PB and all managed by a single OS. IntelliFlash HD is not only for latency-sensitive applications but also for workloads such as large data warehouses, analytic applications, big data processing, image processing, and large private clouds that require economical acceleration of performance.

"We are excited about Tegile's ability to address the currently unmet big data challenges faced by today's data center infrastructures at a compelling TCO," said Ravi Swaminathan, VP and GM, systems and software solutions, SanDisk. "With Tegile's IntelliFlash HD, SanDisk and Tegile are accelerating the migration to the all-flash data center."

"Among those enterprises that are running flash in their production environments, 100% of them want to move more workloads to it over time, and concern about the $/GB cost of flash is the only reason enterprises give for not deploying it more quickly," said Eric Burgener, research director, storage, IDC. "Tegile's release of IntelliFlash HD drops the effective $/GB cost of flash into the $.50/GB range in an enterprise package that delivers all-flash performance and boasts storage density of 170TB/U. Storage solutions like IntelliFlash HD will allow enterprises to cost-effectively incorporate more flash into their infrastructures, allowing them to harness the secondary economic benefits of flash deployment at scale more quickly."

IntelliFlash HD presentation during VMworld 2015, with the rest of company's portfolio included:
IntelliFlash arrays - All-flash and hybrid-flash
IntelliCare - Comprehensive customer care with cloud analytics
IntelliStack - Converged infrastructure solutions
IntelliFlash OS - Data Protection, DR, Data Reduction
VMware support - Integration with VMware Virtual Volumes, Site Recovery Manager, VAAI, VASA and vCenter Plug-ins

According Rohit Kshetrapal, CEO, Tegile, "Enterprise CIOs and business leaders have maintained that data resilience, economics, and investment protection are keys to accelerating the transformation of their legacy storage infrastructure to all-flash. IntelliFlash HD is a testament to Tegile's mantra - One Flash Platform for ANY Workload. We have delivered a truly game-changing flash platform that enterprises can rely on to achieve tremendous business acceleration coupled with very compelling economics."

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