VTrak J5000 JBOD Expansion Units Available From Promise

VTrak J5000 JBOD Expansion Units Available From Promise

With 12Gb SAS/SATA ports, one model being 2U/24 bays

  • Published Date:
    August 12, 2015
  • Author:
    Darryl Riddlespurger
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Performance for enterprise Storage
The VTrak J5000 Series moves data at incredible speeds, allowing administrators to optimize their data center as they can deploy with the fastest SAS bus speed with 12Gb HDDs or SSDs. VTrak J5000 is backward compatible with 6Gb SAS/SATA drives, yet are still able to optimize the full port bandwidth of 12Gb/s to the host. Enterprises running bandwidth intensive applications that require fast transfer speeds will benefit from the 12Gb/s speeds of the VTrak J5000 Series which is essential to be able to sustain the high throughput demanded of today's drives. Additionally, the VTrak J5000 Series offers features for management, simplified deployment and diagnostics and reporting tools which are aimed at enterprise customers.

The VTrak J5000 Series are available as 4U/24, 3U/16, 2U/12 and 2U/24 bay enclosures. The 2U/12 bay model is for customers who require a lower HDD count while the high-density 2U/24 bay enclosure supporting 2.5" HDDs or SSDs is available for customers who require a small form factor. The VTrak J5000 Series is compatible with company's VTrak RAID subsystems and supports massive capacity by cascading up to nine SAS JBOD enclosures.

Highlights and tech benefits:
Support fast bandwidth with 4, 12Gb SAS ports per IOM
80 Plus Gold certified PSUs, huge power efficiency, and Energy Star Ready
Auto sensing and auto optimizing for cable lengths and types
High-performance - allowing more than 19GB/s aggregate transfer rate per IOM
SES 2 enclosure management based on ANSI T10 compliance
Survive through power-cycle persistent error logging
Extensive and detailed HTML formatted Service Report
Compatible with leading HBAs and RAID controller
Reliability with a cable-less and modular design
Customizable hardware and software options for OEM

"The VTrak J5000 Series allows users to leverage the advantages of 12GB SAS technology to help optimize performance for the bandwidth intensive, high-performance requirements of today's cloud and enterprise data centers," said James Lee, CEO, Promise. "With VTrak J5000, enterprises can seamlessly integrate and realize the potential of flash storage to help them manage even the most demanding applications."

The VTrak J5000 Series are available now.

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